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A Tribute to Dr. John Dye


The Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) would like to congratulate Dr. John Dye, ND, on his retirement from SCNM and his rank as professor emeritus, a designation of respect and admiration.

Dr. Dye has had a profound impact on the naturopathic community over the course of his career. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (NCNM) in 1979, then he became one of the first residents in NCNM’s residency program. After his residency, Dr. Dye taught OB-GYN classes at NCNM and eventually became the department chair of obstetrics. 

In addition to his influence at NCNM, Dr. Dye also co-founded the American Gentle Birthing Association in Portland, Oregon, which developed a holistic approach to birthing practice. There, he honed his skills in mind-body medicine and achieved a C-section rate of less than 1 percent. Between NCNM and private practice, Dr. Dye attended more than 1,000 births by 1992.

Dr. Dye then created a multidisciplinary practice in Sedona, Arizona, which included NDs, plus an MD, DO, DC, acupuncturist, PhD clinical psychologist, medical intuitive and massage therapist. The practice also had an extensive IV practice, performing chelation, oxidative medicine and nutritional interventions.

In 1995, Dr. Dye joined the SCNM faculty to teach endocrinology, which he continued teaching for the next 21 years. Dr. Dye became a full-time faculty member and the department chair of mind-body medicine in 1996. He recruited mind-body faculty—such as specialists in neurofeedback, medical hypnosis, and medical psychology—to expand SCNM’s program.

Additionally, during his time at SCNM, Dr. Dye served for years as chair of the CME Committee, allowing him to help develop and support SCNM’s continuing medical education program. He has also supervised student clinical rotations and cultivated a private practice.

For many years, Dr. Dye has taught a continuing education workshop for NDs called BioLinguistic Kinesiology, a psycho-kinesiology and mind-body clearing technique. He plans to continue to teach the workshop at SCNM and other naturopathic colleges. He is also interested in developing online CME programs, which he will pursue in the near future. Dr. Dye currently lives in Sedona, where he will continue a small private practice.

Thank you for your years of service, Dr. Dye! We all wish you the very best.