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Inspiring Students in Haiti

Inspiring Students in Haiti


Though the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti took place over five years ago, much of the country remains in shambles. Recently, four SCNM humanitarians visited the country to provide relief and medical care.

Jose Molina, Lea Molina, Jordan Dutton and Ana Lara made the trek across the Caribbean this April to Haiti. The students stayed in a group dormitory room at the Naturopaths Without Borders house with other students from SCNM. The house was powered exclusively by solar powered electricity with no running water.

The students truly lived as Haitians, eating traditional Haitian food prepared by local women and learning to speak in Creole, Haiti’s native tongue, when speaking to patients. They were educated on local herbs and medicines that allowed them to provide natural and sustainable treatments for their patients.

Each day the students were escorted to mobile clinics that were set up in churches and shelters throughout various communities. There they helped educate the local people learn about nutrition and how imperative it is to staying healthy. The students left with a truly invaluable experience, for not only did they have an opportunity to work with a wide range of patients, but they gained an appreciation for this beautiful, resilient culture.

Who are these students?

My name is Lea McCaw and I am a third year medical student at SCNM. My interests lie in global health and physical medicine. I graduated from the University of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada with a Bachelor of Theater and Film in 2008, after which I obtained a Bachelor of Science at the University of Manitoba in 2012. I am very passionate about global health and currently serve on the board of Naturopaths Without Borders as the Fundraising Chair. My position entails creating and coordinating quarterly events to raise money for our local chapter and to supply our global health clinics. This May will be my seventh trip to volunteer at our clinic in Puerto Penasco, Mexico and I just returned from a trip to the NWB house in Cap Haitien, Haiti in early April. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to serve these communities and to learn about their incredible culture. More importantly, this trip truly opened our hearts and we will never forget the people of Haiti

I’m Jordan Dutton and I came here to study my ND from Montreal, Canada after completing my BSc at McGill University in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Life Sciences. I’m originally from Calgary, AB, Canada. My interests in medicine lie in homeopathy, mind body, dermatology, gynecology, botanical medicine and endocrinology, along with all the other wonderful tools and modalities we learn here such as TCM, nutrition and physical medicine. While in Arizona I completed my 200-hour yoga teacher training and I am a large believer in the mind body connection and using what is readily available in finding optimal health. I’ve done global health volunteer work in Mexico and most recently in Haiti, both through NWB-SCNM and NWB-Global. 

My name is Ana Lara, and I am a second year medical student at SCNM. My interest is endocrinology and women’s health. I am an Arizona native who graduated from University of Phoenix with a BSB/Finance (2007) and an MBA (2008). My experience consists of business, finance and education, but I made a career change after many years of constantly struggling to find quality medical care and solutions for myself from an allopathic model. It wasn’t until I made some lifestyle changes myself that I realized the power of education and the impact on our health. I strongly believe in bringing balance in all areas of our lives, in order to maintain and recover health; mind, body and spirit. I became involved with Naturopaths Without Boarders-SCNM Chapter and serve as one of four trip coordinators. I help coordinate trips to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico and have attended trips in Mexico and recently to Cap Haitien, Haiti. While I learned many things in Haiti that will help me prepare to be a future doctor, the lessons I found most valuable are those that will help turn me into a better human being. I will always carry a piece of Haiti in my heart, as well as the many great people I met. I will be coordinating another future trip to Haiti to allow other medical students at SCNM the same opportunity I had.