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Pennsylvania Approves Naturopathic Licensure

Pennsylvania approves Naturopathic Licensure


November 3, 2016 is a historic day as Governor Tom Wolf signed HB516 into law, regulating the practice of naturopathic medicine in Pennsylvania. 

According to the Lancaster (PA) Online, both the Pennsylvania House and Senate voted overwhelmingly to set education and training requirements with the State Board of Medicine and allow only qualified applicants to use the titles “naturopathic doctor” or “doctor of naturopathic medicine.” 

According to SCNM President/CEO Dr. Paul Mittman, "His signature caps a decade-long effort by an incredibly hard working and persistent group of naturopathic doctors – I know this firsthand, having testified at a legislative hearing on the bill more than six years ago. Congratulations to Dr. Marie Winter, President of the Pennsylvania Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and a special shout out and thanks to Dr. Heidi Weinhold (SCNM ’01) whose dogged determination to push bills through successive 2-year legislative sessions is rewarded at last."

Prior to this legislation, naturopathic medicine was not regulated in Pennsylvania.

Two Lancaster County lawmakers — Republican state Reps. Bryan Cutler and Steve Mentzer — were among the bill’s sponsors.

Naturopathic medicine “has helped many people suffering from chronic diseases get relief without chemicals and pharmaceuticals that may have unintended side effects” and “is also a cost-effective way to relieve maladies caused by poor diets, sedentary lifestyles and high stress.” said Representative Cutler and Representative Mentzer.

“This is a historic day for naturopathic medicine. The governor’s approval will throw open the doors for more Pennsylvania students to choose this academic course of study. Then, they can return home from a four-year graduate program to set up a practice as a naturopathic doctor.” - Heidi Weinhold, N.D. and SCNM Alumni

SCNM is very pleased to congratulate Dr. Weinhold, state legislators and Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania who have done so much to make access to naturopathic care a reality for millions of Pennsylvanians.  

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