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Research Night

Research Night


Over the past year, our esteemed residents have evaluated a number of cases from patients treated at the SCNM Medical Center with the help of SCNM students. They were tasked with finding interesting and important cases to the field of naturopathic medicine.  

Research Night, held on August 1, was their opportunity to present these cases to an audience of students, faculty, physicians, staff, alumni and the public. Their presentations were a phenomenal success, illustrating the vast variety of different diseases and modalities used successfully in naturopathic medicine.  Ultimately, each resident will be publishing their cases in renowned peer-reviewed journals.

The list of presentations for the night:

Profound restoration of function of traumatic brain injury with acupuncture: A Case Report.

Authors: Jacob Wolf, ND; Linda Marie Sparks;  Yong Deng, MD, Lac; Jeffery Langland, PhD

Presenter: Jacob Wolf, ND


Case Studies: Elimination of IgG mediated food allergens followed by resolution of asthma symptoms and reduction in pharmacological interventions

Authors: Kulveen Virdee, ND;  Jeannette Uwase; Matthew Baral, ND; Courtney Cronin, ND; Jeffery Langland, PhD

Presenter: Kulveen Virdee ND


Increasing WBC Counts Using Constitutional Hydrotherapy In a Patient with CLL: A Case Study

Authors: Nichole Shiffler, ND; Heather Paulson, ND, FABNO; Jeffery Langland, PhD

Presenter: Nichole Shiffler, ND


Treatment of Chronic Urticaria with Homeopathy

Authors: Casey Seenauth, ND; Stephen Messer, ND; Jeffery Langland, PhD

Presenter: Casey Seenauth, ND


Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus with Naturopathic Medicine: A Case Report

Authors: Diane Grise, ND; Telisha Miller, B.S; Heath McAllister, ND; Jeffrey Langland, PhD

Presenter: Diane Grise, ND