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SCNM Campus Expansion - First Look at the Second Floor


Before we get to the second floor, here are a few quick pics of what's going on on the ground floor. 

The new building's classrooms will have an outlet under each seat for students to plug into. Here is a picture of the floor boxes the electricians are installing to accommodate this:


Here you see the plumbing and sprinkler lines being run through the entire building:


The window frames and windows will be completed soon in the new building: 


And here we are on the second floor! The following is a view from the middle bridge area of the second floor, looking north towards the parking lot and Academic Building:


Here is a view looking to the west:


And here's looking to the east: 


Here is a video with a 360-view of the second floor:

Here is a full view of the building from the north and south perspectives:


The weather is heating up! Seeing the construction crews out there each day makes us appreciate their hard work even more.