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SCNM Campus Expansion: Pain Relief Center

SCNM Campus Expansion: Pain Relief Center


Why take a pain reliever when you can treat the cause of the pain? At SCNM, we take a different approach to pain treatment. SCNM pain specialists use a whole body approach to find and treat the cause. We look at patients’ lifestyle, diet, leisure and work activities, stress, injury and strains/sprains to fully assess each individual’s needs.

The new building will house a pain relief center on the first floor, a new home for our pain specialists. Designed by Jain Malkin and colleagues Joost Bende, AIA, Kelly Kreuzinger and Christie Mayer, the waiting area will serve as a psychological transition entry space. It will have beautiful curves and smooth shapes that won’t look like most waiting rooms in medical facilities. Many people will arrive at the center in pain, seeking a new approach after unsuccessful treatment. The designers wanted to make the space a place where patients can relax and think, I’m not stressed; maybe this is a new beginning for me.

The beautifully decorated exam rooms will be larger than most with wood-like floors and will accommodate the patients, students and clinicians very well. If a patient isn’t feeling well, there is a private entrance/exit for their convenience. The medicinary is very close by, so if a practitioner wants to walk with the patient, they can walk right straight to it without having to go through the lobby. The center was designed with our students in mind as well. In order for everything to be as efficient as possible, there are classrooms and a conference room close by so students observing the practitioners with patients do not have to go too far.

The pain relief center is just a part of SCNM’s commitment to the healing power of nature and the goal of serving humanity through naturopathic medicine.  We look forward to our increased ability to serve patients and the public in order to meet today's health challenges head-on.

Learn why SCNM student Johanna Simmerman is especially excited for the pain relief center in the video below (if the preview is not working for you, click here to view video):