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SCNM Student Sarah Trahan's Tiny House Featured on Fox Business

SCNM Student Sarah Trahan's Tiny House Featured on Fox Business


SCNM student Sarah Trahan was recently featured on Fox Business in a segment about people that live in tiny homes.  Such a project takes a lot of ingenuity and dedication, which Sarah obviously has in spades!

Click here to see the full video.  Sarah appears at the 4:10 mark.

Sarah told us in her own words about this undertaking and what it has meant to her:

"It has been quite a hilarious and sweet adventure. It is just what I wanted it to be, the best little haven that reminds me of home and that things beyond reason can be accomplished with hard work.

After graduating with my Bachelor of Science from Loyola University, New Orleans, I took a year off to apply to medical school and shift gears. School had been my focus since kindergarten and as much as I love learning, I had much desire and little experience working with my hands. I took an opportunity to create something for myself that represented something much larger than just me.

I was blessed with friends in carpentry and others who just wanted to hammer and learn some useful skills. We began the build with inspiration from South Louisiana art and architecture. There were barely any plans except for the necessary guidance from Universal Building Codes.

I purchased a flatbed auto trailer in the summer of 2014, not long after watching a documentary called Tiny, and we hit the ground running with the build. Mathilda, named after my grandmother, took about three months to construct. The process was grueling and beautiful. After acceptance to SCNM and moving to Arizona, I was shaken by the unexpected laws that hindered me from living in my own home on my own land. One road block after another finally led me to a family who graciously offered me their backyard to live in. Mathilda is now settled into Arizona life with her cypress siding and other echoes of home.

Medical school offers its own set of difficulties, but having a space that comforts me like South Louisiana does has been helpful. The small space allows for one or two tasks to be undertaken at a time, which provides focus, simplifies life a bit, and encourages me to get outside more.

The house gets its hot water from an on-demand water heater powered by two 7 gallon propane tanks on the front of the trailer. These tanks also provide gas for the oven and stove. I cook as much as I shower and my tanks last about 1.5 months. However, the gas generally runs out at inopportune times like when there is soap in my hair. Despite the house having less than 160 sq. ft. of walking space, not a week goes by without a guest or a large meal, which makes me beyond happy. It is always funny to see new people enter the tiny space and how they acclimate to basically hanging out in my bedroom/living-room/kitchen/bathroom. Reactions range from uncomfortableness to pure bliss.

Mathilda is not as aerodynamic, energy-efficient, light-weight, or problem-free as she could have been, but I did what I sought out to do and for that I am proud and grateful. She was and continues to be a learning experience and a very humbling one at that."

Check out more great photos below!