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SCNM Students Bring Home the Coveted NMSA Cup


A group of students from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (SCNM) recently proved their excellence in naturopathic medical knowledge by winning the NMSA Cup!

The Naturopathic Medical Student Association (NMSA) Cup is an annual academic competition, held during the NMSA Convention, where students from nine accredited naturopathic medical schools go head-to-head to compete for the gold. Selected students are challenged in topics related to naturopathic history and philosophy; physiology, anatomy and biochemistry; pathology; botanical medicine and homeopathy.

This year, SCNM students Jenna Davis, Heidi Halvorsen, Rachel Hesselbrock, Celaine Moreno and Maddie Shafferman represented the college. Team SCNM defeated defending champions Bastyr-Kenmore in a tie-breaking round, which is available for viewing on NMSA-SCNM’s Facebook page.

"Being a part of the NMSA Cup team has been a fantastic experience,” Halvorsen said. “It has helped me grow in my knowledge of naturopathic medicine and my confidence in myself. It was such an honor to bring home the championship for our school."

Other notable awards granted at the convention include: SCNM Cup All-star Award— Celaine Moreno, NMSA Student of the Year—Krisel Nagallo, and NMSA Faculty of the Year— Dr. Nazanin Vassighi.

The SCNM team also enjoyed lectures from reputable speakers featured at the convention, including Alison Siebecker, Paul Gannon, Tabitha Parker, Maurice Werness and Paul Epstein. All cup participants nationwide received a generous grant from the NMSA to attend lectures.

SCNM’s NMSA chapter acknowledges the Student Government Association (SGA) for financial support, as well as all colleagues, administration, friends and family for their moral support. NMSA-SCNM Cup coordinator Khadija Douglas also deserves recognition for her leadership efforts in preparing the SCNM team for the competition. Also, thank you to Rachel Ngo and Gaynel Nave for assisting in weekly practices.

"After the NMSA convention, my love for naturopathic medicine was reignited!” Hesselbrock said. “Participating in the cup was exciting and challenging. The best part was being able to share the experience with other students from all of the other schools."

For more information about SCNM’s NMSA chapter, please visit the web page at scnm.edu.