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Should I Go to Naturopathic School?

Should I Go to Naturopathic School?


A rewarding career that makes a difference

If you are considering, but are unsure about attending naturopathic medical school, we would like to show you why becoming an ND is a great choice.  As more people seek out holistic forms of treatment and don’t want to be consuming so many pharmaceuticals, naturopathic medicine will only continue to grow.  Patients want a doctor who will really listen to them and offer a variety of treatment options outside of drugs or surgery.  

There are a wide variety of paths you can take once you become a naturopathic doctor.  Integrative medicine settings, with NDs and MDs working together, are becoming more common.  Naturopathic doctors working in integrative medicine have so much to contribute to patients suffering from both acute and chronic conditions.  Just look at SCNM alumnus and Yale graduate Dr. Michael Walker, who has an amazing career in integrative oncology.

Naturopathic medicine is also on the forefront of treating pain and combating the opioid crisis.  Pain is the number one health complaint of Americans today, but surgery and drugs are often the go to solutions despite all of their negative side effects. Addiction to prescription pain medication is a nationwide epidemic, and you can be part of the solution by offering patients effective natural options. 

The traits of a naturopathic doctor

If you possess some or all of the qualities listed below, a career in naturopathic medicine is a great choice!

  • You are passionate about health and wellness, and realize there is more to medicine than drugs and surgery.
  • You want to transform our healthcare system from within and create positive change.
  • You love science and want to be on the forefront of innovative research when it comes to pain relief, botanical medicine, stem cell therapy and other advanced treatments.
  • You love learning about the human body and what to educate others on how to take their health into their own hands.
  • You incorporate natural health into your own life through nutrition, fitness, herbal supplements, yoga and other methods, and you want to help others do the same.
  • You want to be the kind of doctor that really listens to patients and makes every attempt to get to the root cause of their illness.

Naturopathic doctors love what they do.  According to the AANMC's most recent survey, 98% of respondents reported satisfaction with their naturopathic medical careers. This is an incredible rate compared to other fields.

If you want to learn more about attending naturopathic medical school and what makes SCNM the leading school in the field, contact our admissions department.  We would love to hear from you!